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Forage Rangers for
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I have used their seaweed as an aromatic flavour enhancer in my seafood dishes and all my chefs agree it has raised the dishes up to another level.
They are really onto something special here!

Roy Brett, Head Chef,
Ondine Restaurant, Edinburgh

Our years of foraging and cooking has taught us a few things. Foraging enthusiasts are a growing tribe of great people with a real passion for the tastes of our landscape. Inquistive foodies are constantly on the look out for new ways of trying things.

with a pinch of attitude!

taste of the sea…

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We have been unearthing interesting and
forgotten tastes from Britain’s land and sea for a
few years now… The journey from plant to plate
is well documented through our book, “seaweed
and eat it”, in print and on television. We have
also been taking foraging enthusiasts out and
about from urban greenspaces to windswept
shore in search of all manner of things from
goji berries to sea spaghetti.

the story so far…

Seaweeds soak up all the minerals and trace elements found in the ocean.
A fantastic cleanser and body alkaliser.

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