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We started out as just two mums finding a way to connect our urban children to the land, and have a bit of fun along the way.
We were lucky enough, as journalists, to be able to share our journey through a book and our column “Forage Rangers” in the Weekend Telegraph.

Experimenting and working with wild food has taken us on tours and talks, workshops to walks. We’ve road tested our food at Farmer’s Markets, run seaweed tastings, talked and walked with groups ranging from desk-bound lawyers to urban primary school kids, to Raw Food enthusiasts, and the Transition town movement.

A taste of the sea
with a pinch of attitude

But we haven’t forgotten about the land.

And we are developing our foraging business, pursuing new tastes in wild food and developing a line of gourmet foraging products.
And we also aim to bring you a range of foraging products for the foraging enthusiast.
From Spring 2011, watch out for the Forage Range.

The wild, edible

Tides and moons and seasons: learning about seaweed has put us in touch with nature at its most raw and elemental. Our aim is to put seaweed centre stage in the British menu as a local delicacy. We are on a different adventure at the cutting edge of taste innovation: working with top chefs to develop new tastes and flavours.

Since our book
“seaweed and eat it” hit the bookshelves in 2007, we have been searching for an even deeper understanding
of the wild and building new taste experiences.

We’ve expanded our plant knowledge with a range of colourful characters from secret picking with professional mushroom foragers, to rambles in the Highlands looking for remnants of the foraging routes of our hunter-gatherer Celtic ancestors.

in the beginning…

All this has pushed our boundaries, added to our experiences
and has helped develop a feel for what is out there NOW!

In April 2011, we start our new monthly column, Hedgerow Hunter, in The Field.

adventure continues…

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